We Believe the Ideal Type of Treatment is Preventative

The best way to solve a problem is to take a step back and assess the cause. We use testing and screening methods to inform us of the most effective, efficient and least invasive way to treat each patient individually. The outcome of this approach is increased longevity and health of the teeth and gums. We like our patients to feel informed, which in turn helps them to feel relaxed and comfortable towards their dental treatment.

We are always available for emergency patients on the day and can provide dental care for travelers. We can accommodate international patients and those who have to travel from country/rural areas, as well as medically compromised patients whose needs may be a little more specific.

As you’d expect from one of the Latest dental clinics, you’ll find us fully equipped with the latest technology including digital X-ray machines for fast, accurate diagnosis of symptoms. Together with thoughtful touches throughout the practice, such as televisions in our waiting rooms, to make your visit as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

We offer everything from emergency dental treatment and mouth cancer screening to cosmetic dentistry. With services designed to help you look and feel healthy and more confident, safe in the knowledge that you’re visiting one of the best dental and facial cosmetic practices.

docIt has been noticed that some people having high rate of decay and oral health problems in spite of their very high caring and brushing?! That is due to multi fators e.g. saliva nature and buffering abilities.We are using CRT buffer;to determine the the buffering capacity of saliva by means of test trip which is coducted by dentist. This is part of our mission of prevention is much better that the treatment itself. Application of oral health care gel to clean the area between fixed restorations, bridges…or apply it directly to the gums and soft tissues or we can apply it by using a tray and wear it for 5-10 minutes.

There are soft deposite layer over teeth which is the reason behind all gum diseases and decay of teeth this called ‘PLAQUE ‘ we can use especial material to expose of plaque on tooth surfaces…in order to remove all of that completely and control it.

We have a machine to detect decay at the earliest stages so that we can treat those teeth conservatively.Therefore, you will not need to wait until having teeth cavitated and all the following consequences of fillings then root canal treatment and crowns….so the outcome will be better for health and budget.